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Bank of Cyprus: No Place Like Home


Owning a house is a dream for every Cypriot couple. Rooted deep in tradition and culture, making house loans number one priority for almost all major banks. Following the Bank’s strategy to showcase real people and authentic situations, aiming to be more relevant with their clients, we created a story based on local true facts and an international quote: “There is no place like home!”

Our campaign focuses on images and situations that all of us have lived and experienced in our own house, no matter how subversive they might be. We laugh, we love, we cry, we celebrate, we party, we enjoy, we share, we grow, we live! Living memories that turn a house into a home. To create a more memorable feeling we used  a well known song “Our House” by Madness.

Print and digital follow the same pattern using pictures from the TV commercial and radio using the song resulting in a strong campaign voice.

The marketing campaign was a huge success, reviving also the song and loan sales!

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