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12 October 2018

The Media Junkies: How do consumers consume media after all?


Partners Y&R Communication Agency in collaboration with RAI Consultants, conducted a pioneering market research that shed light on new interesting data and made it possible for marketers to accurately target their audience. The findings come to solve the puzzle of who the Cypriot consumer really is.

The Cypriot consumer is no longer Mr. X

«The Media Junkies: How consumers consume media» market research was conducted in January 2018 with a representative sample of 1014 individuals (male and female, 16-65 years old, from urban and semi-urban areas of Cyprus) with random sampling and the personal interview methodology. An extremely exciting process, both because of its findings and the fact that it was the first market research of its kind, which focused on the psychological and behavioral characteristics of modern Cypriots.

Treasure hunt for Partners Y&R who dug deep enough to find it

How men and women regardless of their age consume media, has not really to do with their age or demographical characteristics, but with their profiles. According to the survey findings, consumers were categorized in 5 groups according to lifestyle, interests and values, which at a large extent, come to determine their media preferences. If marketers dig deeper they will find that with the smart use of this data, they would be in a position to know when each group watches TV, when they listen to radio, whether they read newspapers or prefer online news portals, when and why they surf social media and how they combine the different communication channels together. This kind of information offers massive insights to the Cyprus market, giving flexibility to marketing professionals and advertisers to tailor their communication through the new dynamic of analytically accurate targeting. 

If the traditional media channels are the main dish for Cypriots… 

Social media is the finger food between meals, whereas radio and outdoor are on the go snacks.

TV remains the most trustworthy communication channel with 71% of Cypriots consuming it for about two and a half hours a day. Believe it or not, so does Generation Y. The research showed that Cypriots are loyal radio listeners both morning and afternoon and multiple times during the day they love to check their social media accounts.

Read, scroll and carry on…

Social networks and online news portals are increasing their influence on all Cypriot groups, with Instagram having won its own piece of pie, with 70% of young people between the ages 16-24, devoting an average of 30 minutes per day.

Despite the expected rise of digital media, it is the newspapers and magazines that primarily define ‘what is discussed’ on social media platforms and remain crucial and influential when it comes to making buying decisions. Cypriots trust newspapers when it comes to politics, cars and banking and prefer to read magazines when interested in supermarket promotions, fashion, cars and real estate.

Give them something to talk about

According to the findings, Cypriots have doubled the consumption of media, from 2,5 to 4 hours daily. This sheds light to marketers that enter the communication arena showing multi-channel advertising as a one way street.  Cypriots today may have doubled their ‘meals’, but they have also doubled their demands of whatever is served to them. They are asking for really delicious content. Something different and creative, that when digested is worth talking about.

Partners Y&R has laid the table and the menu is open for marketers to choose. A pioneering agency must systematically invest in research, knowing that advertising professionals not only need to be informed, but also cultivate the insights to bring valuable findings to the surface, research that will lead to accurately targeted messages and successfully designed strategies. With the strong belief that strategy goes hand in hand with creativity, Partners Y&R continues to Resist The Usual, and is ready for even more creative campaigns with the knowledge to target Millennials and Generation Y every time.

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